200 Years Medical Thailand: Posters Collection
200 Years Medical Thailand: Posters Collection

The project covers the design and development of a system to store the digital images of selected 400 standard sized posters related to Thailand's medical history, and various medical exhibitions, dating back to the earlier years of Siriraj Hospital. These posters are kept in Siriraj Medical Library, and some are from Siriraj Archives. Most were hand made posters, containing rare photographs and text contents in each.

The project also covers the proper permanent preservation of all 400 posters before sending for scanning, which are done using special designed scanning station. Each poster image covers a scanning process of each poster as a whole and individual portion on each where contents are varied. Images are stored in various file formats and density after passing through the image cleaning process. Metadata is assigned to each poster and its individual contents where applicable. Full text from each poster is entered to the system, making searching facility more effective. On screen viewing enables users to navigate through the whole poster, with zooming facility to its portions, together with the full text view option enhancing. The system also utilizing water marking technology to each poster according to Siriraj's policy concerning copy rights matter.

200 Years Medical Thailand: Posters Collection
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